Timothy Seth Studley M.S., LMFT, is a descendant of the Catawba Indian Nation in South Carolina. He holds a M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Seattle, Washington USA. He is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Program Development Supervisor at Cowlitz Tribal Health and Human Services. He also has a private consultation practice dedicated to Mental Health issues in minority communities. He is also the cohost of a Marriage and Relationship podcast with his wife. The podcast has over 2.5 million downloads and is listened to in over 80 countries. Seth is passionate about unlearning the traditional, mainstream tenets learned in graduate school and cultivating a paradigm shift of mainstream mental health practice. In his opinion, all clinical work is systemic and it takes a multi-systemic approach to be a competent clinician and practitioner. By thinking outside the box and within the circle of family, he is able to take a different approach to issues that pertain to his community.

Research Interest

Improving positive mental health outcomes in Native Americans through traditional, modern, and cultural therapeutic treatment modalities