Mukesh Mudgal


Dr. Mukesh Mudgal, got his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA (August 2011-August 2016). Later he continued as a postdoctoral associate at Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA (September 2016-April 2018). During his PhD and postdoc, Dr. Mukesh Mudgal, has written and published several peer-reviewed research articles in scientific journals and presented his work in national and international conferences. Before joining the Florida International University for his PhD, he worked as a Research Scientist with Dabur Research Foundation (October 2005-June 2008) and later as a Senior Research Scientist with Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd. (June 2009-June 2011). During his tenure as a Research Scientist with Dabur Research Foundation, he worked on synthesis of new chemical entities having anticancer properties and published some of his work in a scientific journal. While working with Fresenius Kabi, he worked on process development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and synthesis of new chemical entities. Some of his work from Fresenius Kabi was patented in India, US and in European countries. Currently, he is working as a Senior Development Research Scientist with Beckman Coulter, Miami, FL, USA. He is also a recipient of Out Standing Teaching Assistant award (2013-2014) during his PhD. He serves as editorial board member and as a reviewer for a number of scholarly journals.