Saeede Soleimanian


Saeede Soleimanian has been a Ph.D. student in viral immunology at Transplant Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences from 2015. She did her MS.C in medical genetics at Yazd University of Medical Sciences. she held her bachelor in laboratory science at Iran University of Medical Sciences. She was the Best Graduated MSc student in Medical Genetic, Yazd ( 2013) and also the best Graduated in Medical Laboratory Sciences at Iran University of Medical Sciences ( 2009). She achieves the highest academic ranking among the students of Yazd University of Medical Sciences in the academic year of 2010-2011. She has published several original articles and reviews in ISI journals. She has attended many congresses and has had several oral presentations as well. she has been invited to the amount of congress as a keynote speaker and reviewer, she had a presentation in international congrees of infectious immunity on September, 2019 in London, Uk. Currently, she is working on the relationship between NK cell and human cytomegalovirus in kidney transplant patients. She has spent more than 4month at Cardiff university as her internship in the infectious immunity department. She is interested in Human viral immunity particularly the influence of viruses on the shaping of different NK cell functions.