Mrs. R. Thiruchelvi, Assistant Professor & Admission Advisor, Department of Bio-Engineering, Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai, India. She has dedicated to academics and research in latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of biotechnology. Her research findings illuminate on Environmental Biotechnology, Marine Biology, Cell Culture, Biopolymers, Drug Discovery, Regimen and Development. My passion for research led me as expert in proposal submission, research methodology, problem formulation and publication. She had published 20 research and review papers in esteemed peer reviewed Scopus indexed national and international journals. Honored for Active contribution to VISTAS as Admission Representation of Biotech Department for the year 2017-2018 & 2018-2019. Honored in Completing ARPIT online course on Swayam Portal titled “Refresher course on Teacher & Teaching in Higher Education”. Her interest towards Environment has significantly contributed to the Development of Bio-Nano composite degradable Plastic Patented with No.201941045088 and published according to IPR. She was honored as the Benthaman Open Ambassador from India, on the “The Open Biotechnology journal”, “The Natural Products Research. She had completed several projects and have guided more than 20 Engineering undergraduate Projects adding to credit. I have been honoured and awarded the title of “Most Promising Women Educators in Tamil Nadu” by the academic council of ULektz and have won third best price in Nanochallenge-2018 at PSG college of Technology for developing Bioplastics using NanoTechnology. I am happy to share that I am selected as InSc Best Teacher Award 2020. Honored with award “Exceptional Women of Excellence on the Women Economic forum (WEF) January 2020. Awarded as “Best Assistant Professor of the year 2020 in the field of Biotechnology” by Human Rights Education Award HREA 2020. Her thirst for exploring Biotechnology never quenches, to prove the instance, She had participated in several workshops, Lectures, Symposia, Internships, short-term courses and conferences in presenting papers and posters organised by various research institutions and universities held throughout India. She had been awarded University second rank during my undergraduate and post-graduate programs. She is volunteered as Reviewer for “Scientific Study and Research-Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Industry”, “Sceince-Alertjournal. She is also Life Member in versatile scientific associations like Life Member in Algae Association of India, Life Member of Biotech Research Association of India, International Society for Research and Development, International Association of Engineers, Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA), Scientific and Technical Research Association (STRA) etc., to name a few. It is great pleasure to share young Entrepreneur in Developing the Bio-Nano Composite Degradable Plastics, in which it is in the stage of start up venture by joining hands with young students. Her Thirst towards Science never Ends & Continues, by keeping me to updating new Findings, Technology and Nurturing Research into Product development in young minds. Her ultimate goal is to bring as many Young Scientists & to Produce Beneficial Products, which reaches all walks of people in the society by using weapon “BIOTECHNOLOGY”.

Research Interest