Manoj Kumar Mishra


Dr. Manoj is accountable for the exploration and implementation of new teaching techniques. He collaborate with fellow lecturers on lesson plans and performed administrative tasks viz. recording attendance, managing student portfolios and providing individual assistance to the students. He significantly enhance classroom learning environment and acting as a facilitator to promote student leadership in initiating and creating positive learning opportunities. He receive consistently glowing evaluations from students and supervising administrators and devise lessons, which captured the students’ imaginations infusing much needed enthusiasm. He act as a counselor to the students, advising them for their professional and personal developments along while resolving and counseling them on their grievances and issues. He actively work with faculty to develop and maintain high curriculum standards, develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives of the Institute. He is responsible for analyzing, summarizing and presenting results for all research projects.

Research Interest

Targetted Drug Delivery System, Controlled Drug Delivery System, Nanoparticles, Transferosome, Carrier Mediated Drug Delivery System