Sangeetha Gnaneshwar


As Orthodontists, she handle cleft babies from the first week of birth to help them with feeding and moulding of the alveolus  (ex.Presurgical Naso alveolar moulding  appliance) to facilitate surgery and further treatments. Watching the mother’s struggle to feed the babies while combating the psychological and social trauma is very difficult. Her interest to find a solution to alleviate the new mother’s pain became my research agenda. She has completed many cases of Naso alveolar moulding in cleft lip and palate babies and orthodontic treatment for cleft patients of all age groups. She is currently pursuing a PhD in cleft lip and palate area. Findings of her research will benefit the cleft babies and their mothers/care takers for feeding and preparing them for further surgeries.

Research Interest

Cleft Lip and Palate