Ibrahim Hassen


Ibrahim passions in life drew him to his university as he wanted to widen his knowledge and increase his  experience through university. He graduated from faculty of pharmacy, Alex University, Egypt since 2006 with excellent grade and since this date he tried hard to join the academic staff due to his interest in teaching and research and He  succeeded to join pharos  university in Alex since 2009. He got his master degree in pharmacology from medical research institute, Alex University at 2013. He built good relationships with his professors due to his ability to work hard and teach new subjects each year easily. He succeeded to deliver the subjects to his students clearly and he was known as the best demonstrator at the pharmacology department, and even at the whole university. He has organized different groups of students and they made different projects on prostate and liver cancer. Additionally, he helped the students for making a study about paracetamol toxicity in pregnant rats.   Moreover, he gave different talks about heart failure at pharos  university and about HCC at international conference of pharmacology and toxicology.  He finished his PhD at 2019 so he had a great ambition to continue his passion. Furthermore, he want to continue his career and he will make new researches in his field as the research is his second passion. He made different researches in the field of cancer especially HCC. He worked on HCC induction in mice by using DEN. He is interested in the different pathways involved in hepatocarcinogenesis such as SRC/ FAK, RAS/RAF, JAK/STAT-3 and AKT/ PI-3K. Moreover, he worked on the antitumoral effect of rosuvastatin in HCC. Furthermore, he worked on the antitumoral and cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin and the mechanisms involved in the cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin. He is aware by histopathological examination of HCC and ELISA technique, additionally, he is interested in immunohistochemistry expression work.

Research Interests

Immunohistoshemistry, Prostate and Liver cancer