Publication fee

The process of publishing articles in Online Journals is a tedious one that includes a number of steps like editing, proofreading, quality check, web maintenance, plagiarism check and much more. The tasks included in the process of submission and publishing of the journals include some costs and hence the processing fees are required.

Why does Sisla Medical Journals charge article processing fee (APF) for publishing in its journals?

Sisla publishes its journals in open access format. Anyone can unlimitedly and immediately access all PDF and full text content published in our Journals and this means Sisla does not have any income from any institutions or any of its online publications. Therefore, Sisla needs to cover its handling, processing and production expenses by collecting article processing fee (APF) from authors’ institutes or research funding bodies. Authors are charged a minimum handling fee for each accepted manuscript and the charges are different based on the type of the manuscripts.