Mamdouh Ibrahim Nassar


Dr. Nassar is a pioneer in his field with more than 33 years of teaching experience. He has attained his doctorate degree in 1995 from University of Maryland Collage Park (USA) & Cairo University from than he is contributing continuously of his field. In tenure of his research work he has attained many adroit positions in number of research organizations and attained various training certificates. He has worked on numerous research projects in his work tenure such as “Using of some marine toxins as natural insecticides against pests-National Center Research Institute” funded by NCRI and “Control of the red palm tree”. He has worked as member of various research societies and committees. He has membership in various professional associations namely American Entomological Society, American society of Invertebrate pathology American chemical Society (Invited) German- Egyptian Society etc. he has worked on publication of various books and cultural. He has published 53 research papers in various national and international level research journals.