What does open access mean?

Open Access (OA) is a term used for unrestricted or unlimited access and use of research information or literature that is published in the journal. It is a free online access without any sort of subscription or payment to access the information.

 How do I proceed with my manuscript submission to Sisla Medical Journals? 

Authors are requested to submit their manuscript to Sisla Medical Journals either through online or through an e-mail.

 It’s been 7 days that I submitted my manuscript to the journal and I haven’t received any notification yet!

There might have been a difficulty or inconvenience caused due to some technical issues. According to your personal spam filter settings, it is possible that the confirmation e-mail may enter your spam folder rather than your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to drop an e-mail directly to us and you shall be informed on the status of your manuscript within 24 hours.

 Do the articles undergo peer review system?

All the articles that are received to the journal will be undergone thorough peer review process by eminent professionals, as Sisla Medical
Journals desires to publish quality content that meets the publication criteria.

 Do you provide a certificate to the author stating the publication of article in Sisla Medical Journals?

Yes, the authors of Sisla Medical Journals will be provided with digital publication certificates.

 What about copyright of the articles and license under which the articles are published under?

All the authors of an article will possess and retain copyright to their article. We give rights to the corresponding author to make necessary changes and he/she will act as the guarantor for the manuscript on our behalf. Sisla Medical Journals grants all the users the right to access the content that is published and also to stimulate use of the data for any sane and non-commercial purpose, subject to proper attribution of authorship and ownership of the rights.

 Can an editorial board member or a peer reviewer apply for several journals at a time?

Yes, an editorial board member or a peer reviewer can be a part of a maximum of 3 journals at a time. The editor/reviewer need to choose to be a part for the respective journals based on their fields of expertise. Also the editor/reviewer should not neglect any of the journals and need to contribute equally towards all the journals.

 What are the various types of articles that the journal will accept?

Sisla Medical Journals delightfully accepts all the types of articles that include Research article, Review article, Short Communication, Case Report, Mini-Review, Commentary, Dissertation, Thesis, Opinion, Proceedings, Letters & Special Issues etc.